Crushing Intolerance Volume III

Grst is proud to contribute the previously unreleased track, “The Sacred and the Obscene” for inclusion on the benefit compilation, Crushing Intolerance Volume 3. This year’s proceeds help fund Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees, a grassroots organization that helps LGBT individuals escape political persecution under the theocratic government of Iran.

From the IRQR website:

“Under Islamic Republic of Iran law, LGBT face systemic persecution and are deemed to be criminals just for being who they are. As a result they face prosecution and punishment ranging from flogging to the death penalty. Many undergo forced sex changes to avoid the death penalty. As a result, many LGBT Iranian flee to save their lives, leaving their family, friends, love ones and everything else behind.”

The compilation was organized and curated by Chase of Deafest and Paul of Twilight Fauna. Past beneficiaries of Crushing Intolerance have been Women on Waves and

Track credits:
Kenneth Parker – Lyrics, Vocals
Josh Vincent – Composition, Instrumentation
Recorded by Josh Vincent and Stephen Parker. Mastered by Enormous Door in Austin, TX.